Friday, January 27, 2017


In a fun competition, Ken Sobon and I bet on which banding site would band the most saw-whet owls for the 2017 Snow Goose Festival (SGF) field trips. The festival is a great opportunity to see if owls are wintering on site. SO, Ken and crew Julie Newman, Wyatt Hersey and Maureen Morales, and Reserve research director Jon Aull, took SGF participants up to the BCCER (our typical fall monitoring site). Banders Julie Woodruff, Erika Iacona  and I, set up nets at Butte Creek Ecological Preserve (BCEP), an alternate winter banding site. AND the winner was........
Ken Sobon bands a wintering  saw-whet owl at the BCCER 
Red light helps the owl adjust to the night sky where it will be released

SGF participant releases a saw-whet owl
BCCER-with 2 saw-whet owls! We had no saw-whet owls at BCEP- but Butte Creek was flowing high and very loud which may have had a impact on owls hearing our broadcast. Our night was enhanced by loads of stars and Ryan's (Reserve staff) fire. Guests were offered an opportunity to band owls this fall. At the end of the night when all was quiet, a western screech owl flew into our site and called for a half hour.

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