Saturday, September 26, 2015

OWLING OUTING #1 FALL 2015 - starts with a SCREECH!

Our first night was early for the season but we wanted to see if there were any saw-whet owls in the area.  In fact the night was full of owl sound, Great horned hooting screech owls trilling and a toot-toot-toot from a saw-whet!  So at least there is one on the Reserve.
First night's team!! Veteran owl banders Tyler, Raina,
Sheila, Ken (back), and Steve.  Western Screech Owl
the star of the night-held by Raina
Ken and Tyler even heard a common poorwill, a migrant night jar that breeds on gravels and rocks on ridges in our local mountains.  More about them later. Below is a western screech owl, banded and released. A good first night!
Western screech owl, resident of the Reserve