Cool Links: Owls and Banding

Love Wine- Love Owls?  Three Hoots to Life wine labels supports the National Audubon Society by contributing 5% of the proceeds of several different wine varieties - all labeled with beautiful owl photos.
Davis and Dyke Winery: support local wine,  integrated pest management and owls!

This is the coolest link of Saw-whet owl nestlings looking out of their nest cavity.  The video footage was taken by Marcel Holyoak. Be careful - you will fall in love! ://
NSWO Nestlings

One of my favorite links is to PROJECT OWLNET, founded to understand more about NSWO migration across the country.  See our involvement under the "NSWO Monitoring tab."

Want to know pretty much everything about owls? Go to The Owl Pages

A great link for pioneering NSWO research (as well as other cool nature studies and art)  is at the Ned Smith Center.  This center supports Scott Weidensaul and his saw-whet research. His latest efforts were to install tiny geolocators on a backpack harness, which would track the movements of the NSWO.  This site is also where I got the great idea for the Adopt an Owl program. It is a big success there!

The USGS Bird Banding Laboratory website is one site that all banders are familiar with but it is great for the general public.  Here you can learn the ins and outs of banding, different projects, markers used to research birds, longevity records for all banded species, and who bands and why birds are banded.  One of the most important resources is page that allows bands to be reported.  So, say a bird hits your window and dies. It is banded.  You go to the banding website and report the band here. Because you provided valuable important information, you will receive a certificate telling you where/when the bird was banded, who banded the bird, and the age/sex of the bird.  Just think, your observation will tell how far a bird moved, and how old that bird might be!

There is more to come soon!