Saturday, December 18, 2010

Adopt-an-Owl program launched December 2010!

This year Altacal Audubon Society has developed an "Adopt-an-Owl" program to help support the Northern Saw-whet Owl fall monitoring project, now in its sixth season. This exciting new program allows an Adoptive Guardian to adopt one or more of the banded or radio-marked owls that we have captured during our ongoing project. The guardian will receive a certificate with their adoptive owl showing the unique band number, age, sex and date of capture and banding. A brochure is also included in the packet telling more about our program. If a radio-marked owl is selected for adoption, the receiver will get continued updates of their owl. Our owl certificates make unique gifts! Your donation helps support our continued research and is tax-deductible. (saw-whet owl photo by Mel Richardson)

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