Sunday, October 21, 2012

KIDS and OWLS (and banding results Oct 15-19)

We love having parents and their kids come to meet the owls. It's our opportunity to excite them about the night and owls, and science and conservation.  On Friday, we had two very engaging children, one a budding writer and the other on his way to becoming an investigative reporter. We had a great time answering all kinds of questions and laughing-and so did they! 
Happy owlers and their very first saw-whet owl (photo by Shari Brogden)
Our captures have been interesting; a boom and then a decline.  Here are the results from our last 4 banding nights:
Oct 15 - 12 NSWO 8 HY/4 AHY
Oct 17 - 10 NSWO 7 HY/3 AHY
Oct 18 - 4 NSWO  1 HY/3 AHY
Oct 19 - 2 NSWO  2 HY
We have a nice ratio of hatch year birds (61%) to adults (39%), indicating good reproductive success (or very net savvy adults!)

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