Monday, November 5, 2012


Our project is pretty well known in the community after 8 years, and we encourage and make room every season to have people attend field trips and other events to come see the adorable saw-whet.  Scheduling can be tricky with training new volunteers our owl protocol, inclement weather cancellations and banding only 5 nights/week for 5 weeks! This season alone we've great nights with the following groups and events plus several other guests not included in the following:
Donations Events
Candles in the Canyon winners
Snow Goose Festival winners
Alzheimer's Fundraiser
Field Trips
Sacramento Audubon
BCCER (2 groups)

The amazement on people's faces is obvious when a saw-whet is extracted gently from the nets or a bag for processing. The saw-whets make good candidates for showing the public due to their mostly mellow nature and tolerance for handling. Often they seem as curious about us as we are them. Check out some of our happy guests!

Sacramento Audubon Group
Guest of
Candles in the Canyon winner

BCCER outing - the owls can be calmed
when gently stroking their forehead
BCCER outing happy guest!
Lucky Owloween Group - Altacal Audubon Society and volunteers 
Early to bed Owloween boys, still got to see
an owl - and adopted her through our Adopt-an-Owl program!

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