Monday, October 19, 2015


There is something about children and owls. Owls are magical and children connect to that. Isabel came up with her mom and dad Jamie and Jason to learn about our owl research. Jamie the Reserves manager effectively helped promote our continued monitoring of the most adorable owl, the northern saw-whet (NSWO). 
Crystal (the owl), Jason, Isabel, and Jamie 
We were all pretty excited when we banded 7 new NSWO. Isabel named this one Crystal, before she released her (and two others) back into the night. I think her owl encounter will stay in her memory for years to come. That's what we can hope! Thanks banders Navit and Julie, and the Visinoni family for coming to visit us.
Isabel looks on as we read the band number, which identifies
the owl as an individual. In addition to a number, Isabel thought it
was appropriate to give her a name - Crystal

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