Monday, October 12, 2015


It most certainly was an owl night! We (Dawn, Steve, Ken and Wyatt) started out the evening with detections of Northern Pygmy Owl as we were setting up nets.  Then we heard a Barn Owl fly over the meadow, followed by Western Screech Owl, Northern Saw-whet and Great Horned Owl calling from the forest.  Biggest surprise.....wait for it..... scroll......
1st of fall 2015 NSWO, then 4 more!!
New to the team Wyatt Hersey with NSWO
and he also designed his cool t-shirt graphic
.... a Spotted Owl!  Yes, near the nets were heard the contact call of a Spotty:, very unusual but not the first record.  We discovered one (heard first giving the same vocalization) in 2012 while tracking radio-marked saw-whets on the Reserve. A great detection and a great night! Banded and released 5 NSWO and 1 WESO. Thanks banders!

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