Friday, October 7, 2016


Yes, year 12! October 5 kicked off our informal banding season to determine early owl arrival. In 2.5 hours we had a mix of weather, clear and cool, with gusts of wind, then quiet. We also had a mix of netted critters; a Western Screech Owl, Northern Flying Squirrel and our first of the season Northern Saw-whet Owl, a male!

Young N. Flying Squirrel. Photo by Julie Woodruff
The flying squirrel was probably just about 3 months old based on size, but very mobile and active. Squirrels bite readily and hard, so caution to the human hand, and holding the loose-skinned flyer (see picture below), takes focus. We released her in the oak she was likely "flying" to, and she scurried away.
Web photo of gliding N. flying Squirrel

First NSWO, a petite but mighty male. Photo by Ken Sobon
Our first of the year saw-whet was a boy! In all years, our male capture is very low, likely because they stay on breeding territory if winter conditions are fair. But this youngster was hatched only this year, so must have left his natal site (unless he was hatched near the Reserve!). Thank you volunteers Ken Sobon, Julie Newman and Julie Shaw for the fun opening night!

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