Sunday, October 30, 2016


We had a very interesting night last night netting 7 owls! 3 of those owls were recaptures from 3 different previous nights, the most same season recaptures I have ever caught in one night. The owls were banded 10, 8 and 6 days prior.These owls are using the Reserve as a restful migration stop, or may winter on site if they prey base (mice and voles) are good.  Most owls this year are quite chunky with good fat reserves and high body mass. It is good to know they are eating well!
 Milk Chocolate Owl
The owls are always unique but some individuals really stand out. Last night we banded this very richly plumed brown and buff owl. The juveniles are brown so I was thinking she retained some juvenal plumage but no, she was a second year bird, and just unique in color. A very beautiful owl!

Ken holding the Chocolate Owl before release

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