Wednesday, November 4, 2015


BRRRR the night was cold and dark with no moon, a dense milky way and WOW! filled with shooting stars! We saw about 20 bright and small, to brilliant and loooong flaming balls of fire streaming through the sky. The internet says they are the Taurids, coming from tiny bits of dust and ice debris left over from comet Encke that is now orbiting the sun.  Should be active for a couple of weeks, so get out there!
Night sky from the Internet, Taurid meteor showers and a thickly
starred Milky Way. Almost like we saw it!
The night was also very quiet with few NSWO chirps and maybe a distant GHOW hoot.  But in the net we had 2 new owls and a recapture from last year.  Here's our girl looking a bit grumpy but healthy.  This unknown sex second year owl (hatched last year), was originally banded by us on October 20, 2014.
Recapture SY/U NSWO, originally banded on the
Reserve October 20, 2014.
Recaptures provide valuable information to our project; from this individual we know she/he is 2 years old, survived the second summer (survivabilty is lowest in the first year of life), and is using the Reserve again as at least a stopover during fall migration.  Where she/he goes, no-one knows, but we were happy for the encounter.  Good luck little owl!

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