Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Rainbow, which turned into a double, and glowing grasses to the east
toward the foothills and the BCCER.
But it was well worth the drive from Oroville to Chico to see the most amazing skies with focused rain cells, rainbows, and glowing grasses to the east opposite clouds, 
Intense rain cell toward the foothills
a setting sun and clearing skies to the west

It is these breaks in the weather that we look for when we set up nets. For the safety of owls, we do not set up nets in the rain (or high winds). It looked good,but the clearing was short over the Reserve, and we closed for the season.  It has been a wonderful fall for owl migration with a total of 55 NSWO, a bunch of new banders, the most valuable veteran banders, and a great new relationship with the Reserve.
Stay tuned for the final report, and thank you for your interest...toot, toot, toot!!!
Holiday Owls, photographed and photo-shopped
by Steve and Raina King

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