Sunday, November 8, 2015


Four NSWO wowed 10 BCCER field trippers. Banders Sheila, Ken, Jo and I put on belly-warming spread of hot cider, tea and chocolate, and Reserve outreach coordinator Jon brought yummy cookies and flamed up the fire pit. The sky was another clear, dark and chilly one, and we waited for the owls to come. Guest and photographer Michael Lang took this series of shots.
At the nets the 1st owl of the night wows Cat Lang
I bring the owl safe in a flannel bag,
to the banding station table for all
participants to see.
Project volunteer Ken Sobon shows the owls dense feathers to Cat and all, and begins the banding and measurement process. Volunteer JoAnna Arroyo is in the background holding #2 owl.
Visitor Ryan becomes a fan of the adorable NSWO.
Reserve education coordinator Jon Aull meets an owl
Both children get to release an owl into the night. Their instructions are to be a tree let the owl perch on their arm like they would on a branch to allow the owls gather their bearings and fly off into a nearby oak tree.

And here is the group sharing their awesome adventure! This little owl banded #1014-82091 is named Dakota by the Lang family.
Michael Lang takes group shot (the banding crew remains by the fire!)
Michael Lang is a nature and wildlife photographer. Visit his website at!
Bat flying from bat roost in the Reserve's barn. Photo by Michael Lang.

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